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Players 2
Room Dojo and Ninja Hideout
Date released November 17, 2008

Card-Jitsu is a game in Club Penguin which is very popular. Through the game you can win belts, become a ninja and challenge friends.


Main article: Belts

Ninja Belt Legend

The belts of Card-Jitsu as shown on the Ninja Belt Legend.

Belts are body items you can win from Card-Jitsu. There are 9 belts and they go as follows:

After getting the Black Belt, players can face Sensei to get the Ninja Mask and entrance to the Ninja Hideout. Also, if they are a member and they buy the Amulet, they get entrance to the Fire Dojo and furthermore, Card-Jitsu Fire.


  • It's belts are inspired by martial arts belts.

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